Park of the Pines
Charlevoix County


If anyone has time or knows some one who has time to come and help with project there is plenty that needs to get done. Priorities for items have not all been set. Contact the caretaker if you are able to come outside of work week.

Repair dump station#1
Concrete work on new building
Move garbage wood at campfire site
Cut/split campfire wood
Repair or replace dock
Repair dripping faucets in camping area
Repair dripping faucets in bath house
Remove scrap metal#2
Replace sensor on exterior light at ball court
Replace light in parking lot - sensor type
Replace 2 light sensors - upper terrace
Dispose of old table lakeside of auditorium#3
Clean ramp cement
Clean kids' slide and fort
Remulch under slide, swings and play area
Install new electrical panel - rec building#1
Repair sofit - lodge#1
Repair heat register ends - lodge
Clean around outside garage#1
Clean and stain interior windows - auditorium#3
Modify bench legs to prevent tipping - dining hall#1
Fix rear sink drip - dining hall#3
Paint dishroom floor
Clean auditorium#1
Clean junior building
Clean rec building
Clean bath house#1
Clean chapel
Clean nursery
Clean cabins
Clean lodge
Clean dining hall
Fell trees and clean up
Split tree in SE wood
Behind rec building
Lower terrace
Front of BC-Charlevoix Road

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