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My Park of the Pines

2018 Calendar

Feb 2-4 Sr. High Retreat
Jan 14 Board Meeting
Feb 16-18 Men's Retreat
Feb 23-25 Camp Leadership Retreat
Mar 23-25 Mission Center Leadership Training
Apr 28-29 Maple Syrup Festival
May 17-20 Scrapbook Retreat
June 2 Private Event
Jun 8-11 Photo Weekend
Jun 15-17 Special Needs Camp
Jun 17-24 Private Event
Jul 1-7 Senior High Camp
July 8-12 Junior Camp
Jul 13-20 Reunion (Family Camping)
Jul 22-28 Junior High Camp
Aug 3-6 Private Event
Aug 7-12 Private Event
Aug 13-16 Boyne City Art Collective
Aug 17-19 Private Event
Aug 17-19 Private Event
Aug 31-Sep 3 Leisure Camping
Sep 7-9 Mission Center Training "War & Environment"
Sep 13-16 Scrapbook Retreat
Sep 21-23 Womens Retreat
Sep 28-30 Fall Festival
Oct 5-7 Mission Center "Listening"

2017 Schedule